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For years, Vic C. has led a walking group every Saturday morning out of Redwood Health Club. They check in and sign release forms about 8:15, some get there early for snacks from the RHC bar. Then they carpool to Robinson Creek Road and walk the road. Some only walk 2 miles, some run 8 miles.

Often a few of them plan other walks on Sunday; or bike rides, or other outdoor outings during the week.

Please, if you decide to walk, and then are unable to do so, take your name off the list so no one is waiting for you or planning for you to carpool. The walkers won't wait beyond 8:30 am.

The ending time is approximate, but always in the times I've walked with them, they've been done by noon. It is a nice group of people. Dogs are okay, but not really encouraged because it's a road with infrequent cars. Dogs should be leashed for this walk.

This is a Redwood Health Club event, but you don't have to be a member to participate. I encourage you to pay to use their facilities and buy a membership. They've sponsored this walking group for a long time (30+ years). Often, we use the parking area around RHC to gather.

Rules of Vic.

The road is very busy. When a car approaches the first person who hears alerts the others, and perhaps yells 'car-back'. All stop their walking and stand off the pavement - completely! until the car(s) pass and it is safe to continue walking.

On 8/15/2015 there were about 20 walkers. In the past, groups of similar walkers (some runners) set a pace that is comfortable for themselves. For that reason, carpools may be different going to the Start than coming from the Start. (intersection of HWY 253 and Robinson Creek Road). The average walker goes 6 miles. Some only will go 2, some will go 8 miles. Please be flexible!

Very infrequently, have the walkers gone elsewhere. This may, some days, be an unguided walk. You may be on your own. There's no guarantee for a good time, but I've always had good exercise when I showed up, even if it was just me!

Private message me if you have any questions.

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