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Menopause usually starts around 39 to 45 age mark, however the onset or transition into Menopause can start as early as 28 years of age, this is called perimenopause..

It's a scary feeling when you think your going CRAZY!! Then you realise if you only knew about the 'Menopause' then a lot of things could have been avoided.

The Menopause can present itself in so many different ways and have dire effects on women and their surroundings. Professional women can be at the top of their game, then things start to fall apart because they don't even remember their colleagues name. Marriages break-up because of changes in labido and general behaviour; job losses; strained relationships with friends and family; mental health issues and much more..

This Meet-Up is not only for women, it's also important for men to hear how the menopause affects women, so that we can create more harmony and understanding in our homes, workplaces and life in general..

Discussions and Workshops will be on the following:-

Signs and symptoms of Perimenopause & the Menopause (there are at least 35 signs);
Menopause Treatment natural and medical;
Menopause diet;
How to effectively lose weight during the Menopause;
Menopause and cultural differences
Strategies for mood swings;
Helping men understand and supports methods during the Menopause;
The practice of mindfulness during the menopause
and much more..

We will also host Pamper events;
Healing therapy holidays
Publish FAQ's;
Hold On-line support for women going through the menopause.

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