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You are a badass man in your 20s or 30s. You put in energy and effort to create the best life that you can for yourself. You are inspired by creating amazing relationships, a great career and building your network of like minded men who also love to learn, heal, create, grow and live a bold life.

You have already realized that just going with the flow of our current culture hasn't made you happy or gotten you the life you love and you've proactively looked outside of mainstream lifestyle and solutions as a part of your hero's journey. There is only one problem. Most guys we meet at work or our rec sports league aren't into what you are into. They aren't reading, listening and studying self-help, healthy habits, transformation, positive psychology, mature masculine energy. They aren't interested in meditation or emotional intelligence or understanding sexuality, dating and attraction at a high level. They are good dudes, but you get bored talking only about sports and politics.

You wanna go deep with other guys but you can't seem to find your tribe. This meet up is for you...for us! We will get together and create men's circles for growth and development. We will have deep discussions about love, health, power, energy, sexuality, relationships, money, career and more. We will get together socially and grab food or drinks. We will learn from experts in other fields who can help us achieve happiness, personal power and life mastery.

This is the vision. Are you in?

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