What we're about

- Are you a man who wants to move energy? (Energy moves where attention goes!)
- Are you spiritual? Do you like/want to meditate?
- Want to do Grounding, Centering, and Shielding (protection roses) with other like-minded men?
- Do you like to work on yourself and support other men at the same time in a safe space?
- Work with Chakras or reiki energy?
- Want to tap into your male energy? This is about getting to know your energy.

If interested in attending or checking this out, please reply via email:

- Please be a man.
- Please be 18yo or older (legal adult men only).
- Want to practice 'moving energy'.
- Please state your experience you have with meditation, healing and moving energy?
- Please state what days of the week are your best availability (meeting in the evenings for now).

Please note:
- This is not a sexual-oriented event. However, any sexual-orientation is welcome!
- The Focus of the Group is Energy - this is not a talk therapy group!

Looking to form the group and start meeting in early June 2019. Location TBD.
Any questions, please email:
Joel – jsancsac@aol.com AND/OR Brian - megsbc@email.com

Upcoming events (1)

MEGS Meetup - Jan 26, 2021 - Connecting with Men and Moving Energy

We continue to meet online. Brian will send you a link to the site if you've not attended before. The meetup energy is building each time as we continue to creating a safe space for men to move energy - meditation, grounding, and healings in different forms! This is a safe and easy-going space to explore new and old concepts to working with energy. Please come and join us for a restorative time. Hope to see you there!

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