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Fire is a potent metaphor in men’s lives...

• In our heads the fires of inspiration, frustration and anger...
• In our hearts the fires of love, desire and connection;
• In our bellies the fires of passion, drive and ambition;
• In our loins the fires of arousal and sexual energy!

How do we tend these fires to warm and strengthen our family and friends without burning ourselves or the world?

That's where The Men's Fire Circle comes in. The idea of our circle harks back to the tribal traditions of men gathering around a fire to discuss 'men's business'. We meets once a month and any man is welcome, the only qualification is you must have a pair :)

What Happens at The Men's Fire-Circle?
We do our best to provide a safe space for men to discuss any issue that is important to them, in a confidential circle of peers, who want nothing more than to contribute to the well being of each other by listening and 'being with' anything that's shared in circle.

Any goal, desire issue or feeling can be brought to the Men's Fire Circle. There is no right or wrong, we set no limits and we make no judgements. We encourage men to speak openly and responsibly and everyone is listened to generously. There are opportunities to be heard and to contribute to each other, and if you don't feel like sharing, just listening is fine. The one and only goal of the circle is the empowerment of all participants.

We hope to see you at the next Fire Circle, join the mailing list and we'll send you reminders about when the next Fire Circle is on.


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