What we're about

Hey everyone!

Firstly thank you for checking out this page and showing interest as I really appreciate it! It's a very important discussion and area to focus on and one I'm very much looking forward too getting you guys involved in.

Secondly my name is Alex Over and I've recently just moved up to London from Brighton and I work in and around a variation of mediums. I host a Podcast show called 'The U Turn Podcast' which has seen it hit the Top 3 in the UK & US charts on Apple Podcasts recently within the 'Education Category', a keen interest in Music throughout my life has therefor seen myself work as an ongoing Music Artist, working on a variation of projects for the last 10 years and on the side I've started my training in Psychology at The Open University, which allows me to go deeper into Human Psychology. I'm very much into Personal Development and Self-Awareness as these are key and now gaining more life experience myself, more than ever we face very difficult challenges which means even more so - it needs to be discussed and shared in the best way possible!

This is a new group which focuses around Men's Health, Wellbeing, Learning and provides an opportunity to have close honest conversations, creating friendships and also talking about current challenging situations, vulnerability and hearing others speak about their lives and how we can all support each other within a close and trusted environment, too therefor build a bigger community in London around these subjects.

My mission around the above is to inspire people to question their otherwise fixed perceptions of life too; encourage people to challenge their everyday thinking. Not telling people 'how' but they themselves choosing 'how' they would like to approach it.

​Driven by a fascination in people, work and society, a portfolio which expands along with my entrepreneurial skill set, which I hope attracts people from all areas of backgrounds.

It will also give us an opportunity to make this an on going event too!

So if you feel this could create some value to you, please join the group and invite others you may think could also benefit from this.

There will be more details in the coming weeks to our first event!

Great to have you on board, any questions? Please fire away in the comment section or you can reach out to me via socials @alexeover or www.alexover.com

Awesome! Can't wait to meet you.

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