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Welcome to this very GBTQ friendly forum for anyone who identifies as a man and desires to share from the heart, in a sex-positive community of brotherhood in Amsterdam!

Events here promote men gathering together in an authentic expression of the dance of feminine and masculine energy within them.

Men’s Sexuality & Soul Play hosts workshops and courses designed to empower men to deeply connect with themselves and one another. These events explore what it is to live in a male-identified body from a place of power and surrender. Our events model community based on a ‘shared power’ paradigm, which supports and elevates each and every individual in embodying their unique greatness, and living in their freedom.

At a Men’s Sexuality & Soul Play event you can expect to playfully dive into your relationship with your own body and sexuality through movement, breath, touch, bodywork, meditation, process work and ritual practices rooted in earth-based/shamanic spirituality, and that emphasize the transformative cycles of life. You’ll also enjoy conscious relationship practices with other men in a sex-positive environment, whilst exploring the underlying themes of human experience expressed in mythology! Yes, our events often begin with a mythological story and unpack various archetypes and how they live within you, as they progress!

Men’s Sexuality & Soul Play facilitators provide a welcoming, supportive, safer space & environment, and are passionate, sensitive, confident, creative communicators, who are ever evolving in their own human experience.

Join this group and enjoy heartwarming, transformational men’s events that invite you to more nourishingly engage with yourself, your body, your sexuality, other men and life!

Whilst this page predominantly hosts events for men, you’ll also find our delicious ‘rainbow-gender events’ here, which are open to all adults, wherever you place yourself on, or off, the gender spectrum!

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” - Unknown source.

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Playfight Ritual hosted by LOVEDRAGON

Okido Yoga Dojo

***Please read the description fully and feel free to ask questions if you have any: [masked] *** The Playfight Ritual intends to create a safe space for men* to meet each other physically in 1:1 confrontations surrounded by a circle of witnesses. During the ritual we will keep talking to a minimum so that our bodies can take over the communication. Each man* will silently set his intention before a playfight, so naturally each one will be different, ranging from a dance with little body contact over soft cuddling and rolling around to sweaty fights to find out who is stronger or more agile. There is no system of external judgment. Each playfight belongs to the two men* engaging in it. It can be ended at any time by a word or by double-tapping your partner or the floor. For safety reasons, we will not stand up when engaging in a playfight. Each participant is asked to not intentionally cause injuries to anyone. There will be a warm-up phase and an explanation of the rules before the actual ritual starts. Registration via message is appreciated, but not necessary, you can just show up at the event. Please be there in time so we can start together. You don't have to playfight at all, if you don't feel like it. Rejected invitations to fight are a valid part of the ritual. However, I would like to ask you to stay till the end of the event, as you will be a part of the ritual whether you are playfighting or not. Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely and bring some dry clothes for it might be cold outside and you most likely will be sweaty. Also, it is advised to wear long trousers to avoid mattress burn as you will be on your knees. If you want to take off your socks, the dojo requires you to wash your feet, so you might want to bring a small towel. There are no showers, but two foot-washing basins on site. This event is open for everyone who identifies as male. The ritual is donation-based. The suggested donation is 10-20 Euros, but no one is denied access for lack of funding.

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Playfight Ritual hosted by LOVEDRAGON

Okido Yoga Dojo

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