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We are living in a formidable and often difficult time for men. While it’s fruitless to compare with other generations, it’s fair to say we face unique and complicated challenges in the 21st century. We have intense demands from family, relationships, careers, finances, aging and much more.

It’s been said, the biggest threat facing men in America today isn’t smoking or obesity, but a disconnection from other men. This group offers a safe place for men to interact together in a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential way.

There is no cost or obligation to join or visit our group. It is open to all to men over the age of 18 who desire a life of passion, accountability, connection, and purpose. Our circle offers honest, open discussion, peer mentorship, and support to help you grow toward a full expression of healthy masculinity.

Men's Work Ithaca, is part of the Upstate New York ManKind Project (MKP). MKP is an international men’s community that believes in emotionally mature, compassionate, and purpose-driven men who can bring growth to communities and help heal some of society's deepest wounds.

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