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This group invites other Men Who Love Men to come together for the sake of self discovery, personal growth, creating new friendships and sharing new experiences.

A $10 donation is requested for each participant at each meeting.

Your participating is essential for this group to grow, flourish and become a true source of nourishment to yourself and the men. "Lurkers" will eventually be bumped out to make room for new members.

Group Guidelines: Respect, Boundaries, Safe Space, Expectations


We are not going to agree on many things. We may find that with some of our new acquaintances, the strongest thing we have in common with them is that we love other men. Regardless of political affiliation or lack thereof, we are coming together to enjoy and support one another. I invite you to become curious instead of defensive (re: angry, triggered, shut down) when a new friend expresses a belief system that mildly to wildly contradicts your own. At the very least, be willing to agree to disagree and leave it at that. As we learn to see our commonalities and respect our differences, we learn that Men Who Love Men can have Safe Space with one another.

Safe Space:

Depending on the circles you frequent, you may be very familiar with this term or it be the first time it’s crossed your path. At it’s essence, “safe space” refers to a co-created environment where all participants feel comfortable letting their guard down and revealing both the beauty and the pain in their lives. A space like this requires a devotion to mutual respect and boundaries and will grow or wither depending on the participants’ choices.


Everyone’s boundaries are different. This may seem like an obvious statement, but sometimes it takes unwittingly running headlong into someone else’s “danger zone” to truly grasp the meaning. Some men hate being called “girl” or “sister” or “honey” just as much as other men love being called “girl” or “sister” or “honey.” Some men are very affectionate while others only want to be touched by a very select handful of people. We have to witness and respect one another’s boundaries in order to thrive as a community. When our boundaries are crossed we must both acknowledge the infraction as well as be generous in our assumptions about the other man’s intentions. This may be the first time he’s had his proverbial hand slapped for crossing a line he didn’t know was there. Conversely, if someone is blatantly displaying disregard for someone’s stated boundaries, then that someone will need to re-access their reason for being in this group or risk permanent removal for the purpose of preserving a safe space for all. Defining your boundaries, honoring the boundaries of others, and the willingness to work through a broken boundary issue and any resulting hurt feelings is an expectation of participating in this group.


The primary expectation is for you to show up as yourself, let your hair down and just be you. As previously discussed, this happens best when participating in a space that honors boundaries and therefore, feels genuinely safe to the soul. As this group is meant to build both community while developing a deeper sense of self through. Lurkers (ie, those who are signed up but don’t actually show up) will gently be removed from the group if it becomes obvious that participation isn’t a true intention.

Lastly, I expect you to challenge yourself by being open new experiences, new people, new perceptions and new possibilities. And I ask you to expect the same of me. I won’t always get it right, but I hope it’s our imperfections that we come to respect as much as our attributes as we explore what comes next.

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