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Mental Health Support Group For people suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and problems with relationships.

I want to mention that this group is not active currently as a peer support group. There are other valuable offerings on the site. I am keeping it also as a list of resources for people interested specifically in peer support group talk therapy. Read on...I hope you'll join. I look forward to a time I can add to what is offered here!

Just wanted to update the group with new information:. Group member Lauren has been banned from this group for harrassing a member. Emotional damage has been done by this member and has been repaired with help of caring people. It doesn't excuse her cruel behavior.

There are two things about this:. First thing: This is a group that is meant to improve our mental health. Thus said, some people in this group are more vulnerable emotionally sometimes than the general public. Lauren has been reported and banned from this group.

The second thing: I hesitated a long time because I was concerned about Lauren's own mental health. If anyone knows her or feels concern for her, please reach out to her. I don't know her, but she has an odd photo as you can see. She is still a member of Meetup at this time. Everyone makes mistakes. She might need help today.

I need to concern myself with the well-being of people in this group. This harrassment took place within this group.


As the original organizer, I started this group because I felt like I wanted to show some of my better qualities to people in my life. I was fearful of many things, but not the comfort of individual therapy. The therapists I had for years were incredibly supportive, but I didn't feel trustful to share much in the world.

I started this group to help other people and myself. I felt that accountability to a group was important for me. I thought it would help other people, too. I thought it might relieve some anxiety and encourage better behaviors.

I have an individual therapist again, but I don't rely on her to solve all my problems. That was an unrealistic hope of mine in the past in therapy. The guidance from a secure, mature adult is what matters to me now. I think it's realistic to think we all can help each other in a productive way.

Please see below for more offerings of Mental Health Support.

Why a Support Group?

Mental Health Support Group

message from facilitator:

I feel engaged to help. I feel a strong need and desire to be of assistance to people struggling with life.

Please see a few lines down for ADDITIONAL peer group information that you will find under the sites of the below mentioned national organization.

This help comes from many sources.

There are many national established organizations that have help people:

Mental Health Connecticut has a number to call for referrals to support groups on their site

ADAA.org lists local support groups specifically for anxiety.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Nami.org lists connection groups that are also peer support groups.

Emotions Anonymous has a few groups in this state. It's a twelve step program group like A.A.

DBSA.org, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance lists groups on its site. There are several in Connecticut.

Alcoholics Anonymous, A.A. has meetings all over the state.

Al-Anon does, too.

I have participated in all of the above groups except one. I've gone to these meetings with a recovering friend or relative sometimes. Mostly I've gone alone. Most of the time I went regularly or several times. One I still attend regularly. I hope you find one helpful. I suggest trying a few and see what you like best. There are also more support groups starting almost every week on Meetup, I've noticed.

Others include Alzheimers National Organizations, Autism Organizations, and many others. A place to find these additional groups is by going online to 211 and finding the listing here for free support groups.

The groups currently listed on the site support wellness. I think the leaders are expert healers from my experience in their groups.

This group was offered on my site. Please see current group listings on the home page.

Group Format and Guidelines


The way the group works:

At the beginning of the meeting

We check in with everyone saying who we are and anything we want to share that is on our minds today, something we may be thinking or feeling. We share for a about a minute to start. You don't need to share.

Most of the meeting

We may discuss a suggested topic. We might share thoughts about how it relates to our individual lives.

If the group is small, the members will each have their own amount of time to talk to share what they want and to receive feedback from the group.

At the end of the meeting

We will check in with everyone the last ten minutes or so near the end of the group. We may talk about something we might do in the next couple of weeks to take care of ourselves. Or, we might want to mention how we’re thinking or feeling. Or, possibly we talk about something we want to work on or a goal we may want to set for ourselves. There is no necessity to say anything.

We may naturally summarize what seemed to be a theme of the meeting.


We try to listen to each other.

All information we share remains confidential.

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