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This group is for anyone who would like to know more about Mental Toughness and Mental Strength and how we can put these into practice in our everyday lives. There will be some great speakers with different points of view on what it takes to face the challenges of life with determination, commitment and resilience. We will cover approaches from philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy.

Some meet ups will be in association with my other meet up groups The UK CBT Group (http://www.meetup.com/The-UK-CBT-Group/) and The Sex, Love and Relationships Group (http://www.meetup.com/Sex-Love-and-Relationships/)

Some thoughts on Mental Toughness are below

Mental Toughness is a philosophy for life and living; having the confidence to face change and life's challenges head-on.

• Mental Toughness is Existential Toughness; facing the challenges, absurdities and limits of life with courage, in order to find meaning and purpose in existence.

• Mental Toughness is realising our freedom and choice; taking action and accepting responsibility for our lives.

• Mental Toughness is a set of attitudes, beliefs, thinking and behaviour that enables us to meet our aims, objectives and survival.

• Mental Toughness is having a relentless commitment and focus on our goals; mental toughness is the ultimate in willpower, persistence and focused action.

• Mental Toughness is having mental, emotional, behavioural and physical control in our everyday lives as well as in difficult and challenging circumstances.

• Mental Toughness means having resilience in the face of adversity and setbacks in order to preserve and persist with our lives

Hello, I'm Phil Pearl. I provide Life and Executive coaching, Personal training and Clinical hypnotherapy. I began private practice at Harley Street in 2006. I also lecture on Existential Philosophy, Existential Coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBT). My focus from day one has been Mental Toughness. This means:

· Facing life's challenges head-on.

· Making confident choices.

· Taking action.

· Living your life deliberately and with integrity.

· Choosing your own authentic path in life and having the courage to be yourself.

I’m not some perfect life style guru by any means. I have my failings and weaknesses like everyone else (maybe even more to be honest) but I’ve certainly learned a thing or two.


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A Day on Depth Psychology £40.00

The Stockwell Street Building, University of Greenwich

A Day on Psychotherapy £40.00

Birkbeck University of London

A Day on Evolutionary Psychology £40.00

Birkbeck University of London

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