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What we’re about

This FREE, CONFIDENTIAL group helps anyone with a Mental Wellness challenge (Depression, anxiety, worry, PTSD, hoarding, OCD, etc...) through VIDEO and IN-PERSON meetings with peers.

Everyone is welcome.

The group gives attendees an opportunity to share with other "like-minded" people how their mental wellness has affected them recently.

The group also allows attendees to get empathy and suggestions from peers (people who have "walked a mile in your shoes") about what has worked well for them to overcome the challenge.

Because of the private nature of what is often shared in the groups, the group is PRIVATE -- so, to join we ask that people sign up.

For more information, watch a short 2 minute YouTube video about the group...

AND! we also offer access to FREE professional therapy for our regular members (yes, FREE!), come out, and ask your facilitator how you can get on the list!

You are welcome to make friends at the groups, however, we only control what happens AT our group meetings. Please consider whether you wish to share your personal contact information with other do NOT have to, and you may feel best NOT sharing such personal information.

You do NOT need to sign up with your full name.

If you have any concerns about what happens in a group, let your facilitator know. If you still have concerns, please contact: