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Enlightened Beings -Soul Medicine
Join a group of 30-40 spiritual seekers as we meditate together, hear an inspirational speaker and discuss the topic in a safe setting. Come early for coffee, tea and snacks! Moderators: Beth Garrison and Shelly Valenttine Topic: Soul Medicine We are each unique energy beings – soul beings! Traditional medicine focuses on our “human” being, soul medicine focuses on our “energy” being. This is an interactive presentation that introduces the concepts of “Soul Medicine” which is made up of five dimensions of health: Energy, Belief, Rest, Fuel and Movement. My mission is teaching every person how to practice soul medicine! As a child, I had a strong awareness of, and connection to, Spirit. I lost that connection in my teens and early 20’s due to fear and anger. By my late 20’s, I finally understood that I couldn’t let go of my negative feelings without that connection, so I started to actively pursue a new, more conscious relationship. At this same time, I started a 10-year career as a physical therapist. Following an injury in 2001, I then became a physician assistant. During my 23 years of medical practice, I learned firsthand, that though “traditional medicine” was very important in the care of my patients, what impacted their successes and failures the most was determined by something within them – their underlying energies and the beliefs that drove them. I now understand that addressing these issues is “soul medicine”. Until, about 5 years ago, my spiritual practice was an undercurrent in my medical practice. Up until then, the medical model still gave me the time to address these factors, using medical terms. It was an unconscious part of my practice. But as medicine continued to evolve more and more into a profit driven business, in which my patients and me were the commodities, I found myself repeatedly facing moral and spiritual conflicts in the care of my patients, because I no longer had the time to do “soul medicine”. It was only in the loss of this aspect, that I was able to start to define what it was, and to understand that every person is able to learn the practice of “soul medicine”. This journey ultimately led me to leave my job as physician assistant to create a business with the mission of teaching people “soul medicine” and when needed, how to use it as they negotiate “traditional medicine”. Merging Hearts Holistic Center a non-profit 501-C3. A free-will donation of $5 is suggested for most events & classes at the center. All donations are tax deductible.

Merging Hearts Holistic Center

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Merging Hearts Holistic Center a non-profit 501-C3 offering opportunities to nurture the mind, heal the body and awaken the spirit.

A donation of $5 is suggested for most events & classes at the center. All donations are tax deductible.

Every Sunday morning, 10:30 am – 12 noon
Enlightened Beings is a weekly discussion group with guest facilitators giving educational presentations, leading discussions, and sharing experiences from various spiritual traditions. Topics and presenters are carefully chosen to awaken dynamic and nurturing community building and personal growth. If you have an open mind and a yearning spirit, you will feel right at home. Join us at 10:00 am for coffee, bring a breakfast treat to share!

Other monthly events include a drum circle, Meditation Monday, Healing your Life with Angels, A Course in Miracles book study group, Wisdom Session, Full Moon Labyrinth walk, sound healing, fire walk, and shaman education courses.

Walk the labyrinth or meditate in the outdoor Zen garden—any time.

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