• Dinner at Bollicini at 8pm


  • Coffee at Starbucks at The Harbor

    Needs a location

    Coffee and good conversation! Come out and join us if you're new. We'd love to meet you!

  • Dinner and drinks at Osteo 8pm

    Needs a location

    Hey guys! We are meeting up at 8pm Friday at Ostro in city center plaza. Hope you guys can make it! Take care, Jenn

  • Early Bird Breakfast at Casa Canela 8:15am

    Needs a location

    Hey gals, A few of us are going to get breakfast at Casa Canela right after we drop our kids off at school. I hope you can join us. Heads up. we also have a facebook page where many members choose to RSVP so if you dont see that many people are going on this website, it doesn't mean people won't be there. Take care, Jennifer

  • Dinner and Drinks Reginna Gin and Kitchen 8pm Friday

    Needs a location

    Hey guys! Sorry I'm so late in getting this post up. It's been a stressful week. That being said, it means I'm really looking forward to this Friday's Dinner and Drinks meetup. I thought we could knock out a few birds with one stone and celebrate Valentines day-after and my late birthday and whoever else has a birthday in February! So please come on out. I will try to reserve a table tomorrow so please RSVP if you think you might make it! Hope to see you there! Jennifer

  • Breakfast at Soco Panaderia 9:30am

    SOCO Merida

    Hey guys! Monica wanted to try this place out for breakfast/coffee so here we have it. They have a small but nice looking breakfast menu and also a lot of bakery options! Hope you guys can make it! Take care, Jennifer

  • Wine and Cheese Meetup at my house! 8pm

    Jennifer's House

    Hey guys, I'm hosting a wine and chees night at my house this Thursday but its really just an excuse to chat with you guys. I encourage new members to join us. If you don't drink wine or cheese please just bring something that you do like to share! Take care, Jennifer

  • Update! This has been changed to Hennesseys! 7:30pm

    Needs a location

    Hi Ladies - would anyone like to meet up for dinner this Wednesday night? I have been here before and the price is reasonable and the pizza and pasta are both really good!

  • Movie Aquaman - Cinemex Platino Penisular 9:00pm

    Needs a location

    Hey guys! I'm back in Merida and now that the kids are in school I wanted to plan a few meetups. Jessica and I are going to go see Aquaman and we'd like you to join us. I know aquaman isn't everyone cup of tea but I really want to see Jason momoa on the big screen! We are going to a 9:30 show. Wednesdays are half price so the tickets end up being about 60 pesos. Hope you can join us! Take care, Jenn

  • Eat, drink and be merry!

    Nova lee's house

    Hi Ladies. I have the house to myself this Friday evening and I thought it would be nice to catch up before Christmas. Nothing serious, just time to relax, have a few drinks and chat. If you're not already busy and can make it, just bring what you'd like to drink and maybe a little snack to share. Let's eat, drink and be merry together!!