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What we’re about

A social club with a hiking problem...
We are a group of hikers with a passion for the outdoors, hiking and socialising. Hiking is best in a group for safety and as a beginner, having someone who knows the trail.
Our hikers range in age and experience from 20's to 60's, beginners to experts who know the mountain like the back of their hand; some who stroll and some who sprint!
Please note: You are NOT a member of the Meridian Hiking Club if joining on Meetup alone. The Club has an annual membership fee (R250 per year) and Club members receive benefits (discounted weekends, events, no visitors fee for day hikes), while Meetup members pay R40 CASH per hike (and any other non-members joining an event) which is then paid to the Club by the hike leader.

Meridian Hiking Club
Nedbank Claremont
Br 104609
Acc 1046348396 - always email with proof of payment

Our hike leaders are volunteers who host hikes every weekend, and often in summer mid-weekdays too, of varying grades.
This meet-up is to introduce you to the hiking world at the beginner level and slowly advance to more challenging hikes as your fitness & hiking skills/knowledge increase.

A young-at-heart and social group, we hike, we meet for supper clubs, go away hiking or just chilling for a weekend; always plenty of laughter and people with good, fun attitudes.
All leaders are volunteers. The Club has been around for quite a few years, since 1989 and there's usually around 300 paid-up Club members.
As a visitor/meet up person to an event, we do ask R40 cash fee per person per hike/day. \

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