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This group is for anyone going through a spiritual transformation, an awakening of the consciousness. People ready for change, allowing their minds to change, evolving into a higher self of them. This group will discuss new ways to improve their mind with different healing modalities like Reiki, energy healing, Past Lives, Akashic records. A willingness to removed believes that do not serve them no more. They will learn techniques like HeartMath, meditation. emergence process, going within the heart to hear what the body needs. They will learn how to connect with spirit, angels, guides and grow with their new profound messages. They will trust themselves again.

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Soul Center: A Place for CommUnity and Wellness


Come join us for some fun!

Oct 3rd - 17th - 31st
$22.00 per class

When tapping into this dimensional consciousness we have within, we start to get a new understanding of our past, present, and new future.

Major healing can come from tapping into our Akashic records and learning a past life. As a memory locked into our subconscious and energy field, which we bring across to this life, once we have learned about them significant healing occurs. It is when we acknowledge this information and decide to release it, we start to heal.

Rob will educate you on the meaning of the Akashic records while taking you on a drum journey into your records. This will be a 3 part class Past- present- future.


• Education of the word’s origin
• Tap into YOUR akashic record
• Other ingredients necessary to receive
• An intention is all that we need
• Studying ourselves at a deeper level
• Remove emotional connections
• Healing of oneself
• Create your new story


Rob began his spiritual studies in northwest Indiana by studying many healing modalities for over 17 years. For five years, he trained with a Naperville, Illinois medium-ship group, Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts. These years of deep, deep meditation he has learned who his many guides are, why he can see, hear, feel them expressed through other energetical senses. Rob is certified as a Medical & Reiki Master, an artist, author and a metaphysical intuitive mentor utilizing his gifts.

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Soul Center: A Place for CommUnity and Wellness


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