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Mesquite/Dallas Metroplex Learning Forex/Crypto Trading
We are a group of individuals learning to trade Forex and crypto while supporting each other through the process. A few reasons that students join: 1. “I want to retire with an increase vs a decrease in salary.”UPS Manager 2. “I want to travel more. Every time I travel I exchange my currency. I want to learn to profit from exchanging of currency so I can travel even more.” ER Nurse 3. I want to make more money while staying home to raise my children without putting a strain on the family.” Stay at home mom 4. “I came to America to live the American dream. I’m working 3 jobs and want the same money working less hours.” Nurse 5. “I like to ship containers to my country and want to be able to afford to ship even more containers more frequently!” Nigerian Entrepaneur

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This Meetup is for anyone who is interested in learning to trade foreign exchange. 10 Reasons you need to join this meetup:
1. You've traveled to or from a foreign country
2. You've purchased a foreign made car
3. You have a bank account
4. You would like information on how to fund your retirement quickly
5. You have children that will go to college and you haven't figured out how to get the money to pay for college cash so that they do not graduate in $60-$100,000 in debt
6. You are looking for a fun skill set that can allow you to be financially free without selling any products!
7. You have dreams and goals that are MUCH bigger than you paycheck and you haven't found a way to fund them yet.
8. You enjoy helping people and always wish you could give more when asked for donations
9. You want to tithe more to help you church reach their goals/building fund/scholarship programs etc
10. You feel a need to support the elderly or children
Come out and join a group that truly cares about helping others!

Come join us this Wednesday 9/13/17 from 6-8pm at the Mesquite Library on Oates and you can get all of the information! Meet and greet 6:00-6:15. Information sharing then Q&A session. Library closes at 8.

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