1. Meetup zu Kafka & Strimzi

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Talk 1: Strimzi overview, roadmap & live demo (Christoph Eberle, Red Hat)

Talk 2: Self-Healing Microservices with Strimzi and Kafka on OpenShift (Daniel Maier & Johannes Mangold, Helvetia Insurance)

Talk 3: Monitoring Microservices on Enterprise Scale with Mobiliar (Lukas Zaugg & Lewis Tunstall, SPOUD)

Details zu den Talks weiter unten.

Alle Talks werden auf Deutsch gehalten.
All the talks are in German.

Türöffnung @ Puzzle ITC um 17.30h
Start der Talks um 18.00h
Danach Apéro bei Puzzle ITC (ca. 19.30 bis 22.00h)

*Talk 1*
*Strimzi overview , roadmap & live demo*
Christoph Eberle, Red Hat

In this session we will explore how to bring Kafka and Kubernetes together. Running Kafka on container environments involves some challenges and pitfalls, e.g. state management or handling of storage. Strimzi helps to solve these critical items by providing the means to configure and maintain Kafka clusters in a fully automated and declarative manner. We will dive into the components and features of Strimzi, look at the capabilities it offers today and also what is planned for the upcoming releases. The session is going to be concluded with a short demo of Strimzi.

*Talk 2*
*Self-Healing Microservices with Strimzi and Kafka on OpenShift*
Daniel Maier & Johannes Mangold, Helvetia Insurance

In this session you will get insights into how Helvetia, a Swiss insurance company, redesigned their front-end solutions for customers and partners based on a reactive microservices architecture, following a cloud-native approach. Helvetia strongly believes that an end-to-end consideration of resilient failure-handling from the beginning is a key success factor to consistently improve the experience of its end-users. Its Helix technology stack, based on OpenShift running in AWS, an Apache Kafka cluster operated by strimzi, microservices components with Kafka Streams, Vert.x and Angular, provides the cornerstones for realizing a visionary solution. Two Helvetia Solution Architects will show how Helvetia has decoupled its 24/7 customer-facing web apps from its core legacy system data stores with a performant and highly-available data backbone based on Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams.

*Talk 3*
*Monitoring Microservices on Enterprise Scale with Mobiliar*
Lukas Zaugg & Lewis Tunstall, SPOUD

In our session we will explain how the Swiss Mobiliar hat built an infrastructure to understand and react on performance bottlenecks in their microservice ecosystem in near real-time. Our custom built solution based on Apache Kafka, Flink, Elasticsearch and Grafana is analyzing all microservice calls in near real-time to understand call dependencies, performance and anomalies with machine learning. Today we are processing over 40k (fat) events per second on AWS, collected Petabytes of data and thus have learned the hard way how to build resiliant Kafka applications and operating them under near real-time conditions. We’d love to share some of these experiences with you.