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This group is for all Metabase users in and around Berlin.

Business Analysts, Database Experts and Metabase Users get together to exchange, talk about their daily work involving Business Analytics.

Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data. Find out more: https://metabase.com/

The next Meetup is planned! Mark your calendars: 2018, Nov 6! More details follow soon!


Diese Gruppe ist für alle Metabase Nutzer rund um Berlin.

Business Anlaysten, Datenbank-Experten und Metabase Nutzer kommen zusammen und tauschen sich über ihre Arbeit mit Metabase aus.

Metabase ist eine einfache, quelloffene Lösung, um innerhalb einer Firma eine Platform zur Analyse der Daten mit allen Mitarbeitern zu teilen. Mehr dazu unter: https://metabase.com/

Das nächste Meetup ist am 6. November 2018!

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Metabase summer BBQ and get together


Meet the Berlin Metabase community in an informal setting. We wanted to do something lightweight for the summer holidays, Amboss a company with over 80 Metabase users and their data team wanted to host an informal get together for all BI and Metabase enthusiasts to have a relaxed exchange about the topic. There is no talk or plans, just like minded people getting together over drinks and BBQ (there will be a vegetarian option too =). Please sign up and RSVP, and we looking very much forward to meet you!

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Metabase Analytics Meetup November 2018

Factory Mitte

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