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Are you metabolically healthy? We want to hear from you! (See Metabolic Health definition below)

Each event will include a 25 minute interview with a metabolically healthy guest speaker and 15 minutes of questions and comments from participants. Please message me if you'd like share your story and I will schedule an event.

Let's share who, what, when, where, why, and how we have become metabolically healthy.

-What do you like to eat?
-What physical activities do you participate in?
-How do you manage stress?
-How do you like to interact socially?
-What is in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards?
-How long have you sustained being metabolically healthy?
-Can you share some recipes, physical activity resources, other social venues?

These are the things we'd like to get down to the bottom of. Let's share our stories so that others who are or who are not metabolically healthy can learn from you. Theory has it that not one of us have the same lifestyle or diet or activity habits. And each of our individual daily regimes are continually changing and evolving.

Metabolic health is when metabolic biomarker testing including blood glucose, blood pressure, body fat, blood triglycerides, and HDL cholesterol are all within a healthy range. If these biomarkers are not within a healthy range, it could be an indicator of an underlining condition that may compromise the immune system which makes it more difficult for the body to fight against viruses and disease. To find out if you are metabolically healthy check in with your primary care physician and he/she can test for these biomarkers.

A study from the University of North Carolina researchers suggests that only 12% of American Adults are considered to be metabolically healthy. This is alarming! Let's do something about it and share our success stories.


With so many different options out there to choose from when it comes to diet, physical activity and mental health it is sometimes overwhelming to know where to start if wanting to prevent or reverse immune compromising conditions. Let's hear from those who ARE metabolically healthy and see how they maintain their health.

The intent of this Meetup group is to showcase and spread the word on how YOU are metabolically healthy. Let's take action and transform our homes, neighborhoods, and communities into a more healthy one. Let's all work hand in hand towards a nation where everyone regardless of skin color, gender, status, income, age, ability, profession or citizenship have the information in hand to transform or continue to enhance their lives.

Let's get the conversation started!


Disclaimer: Consider the information discussed in this group a useful resource. Contact your doctor for any medical related advice or treatments.

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