What we're about

WANT TO LEARN MORE? This group is for those who want to explore metaphysical topics in an easy and relaxed environment. Everyone already has supernatural abilities, whether for healing, psychic, channeling, spiritual or emotional. We will explore many topics and gifts together so that you can improve the ones you have or find ones you never knew existed!

COME AS YOU ARE! There are no certifications or "level" requirements of any kind to be part of our group. Ask your questions without fear of judgement and enjoy the open and playful atmosphere we encourage! Each meetup will offer open dialogue about the topic of the day, steps to learn or improve knowledge or abilities, and practical applications for daily life.

SNEAK PEEK! Some topics we will cover include: Energy Healing, Psychic Abilities, Remote Viewing, Physical and Emotional Healing, Pet Healings, Muscle Testing, Meditation, and many more topics will be covered!

AUTHENTICITY! Our group is not bound by religion or belief. We are a group of people who wish to explore metaphysical ideas with a curious mind and playful motivations. We enjoy lively conversations without judgment, and consider our time with each other important - meaning you will be important to us as well.

If you want the fun and community of exploring the unseen world around you, without preaching or ritual, this is the place for you!

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Boulder Center for Conscious Community

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