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What we’re about

Real learning! Authentic material! Genuine friendship! True mentorship!

Come join our group if you like metaphysics, Astrology Numerology Tarot DestinyCard and so much more! Learning about the Self, living life to its fullest, applying positive attraction, taking control in your love work and play, being around simply good friends, finding compatible partners, obtaining the knowledge,... in other words, finding self-empowerment is what we do in every conversation!

Don't worry if it sounds all so good! This is a place where you can relax, be yourself, where you won't find judgment but understanding and sincere friendship.

Our meets consist of first hour of featured lecture, then the rest of the evening individual exploration of topic discussed. Everyone gets his/her questions answered! We will learn and have fun!

We do appreciate a kind donation of your budget. We can not live on incense alone like Buddhas. LOL Your support of our continuing existence is necessary. We thank you! Look forward to seeing you soon!

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