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An Institution of a higher degree of competence, integrity, professionalism, honor, sense of duty and selfless service, created to serve as a catalyst for spiritual awareness, self-cultivation, and actualization of the true self. As well as dedication to the advancement of metaphysical sciences and its perceptual applications. The mission of the Institute is to serve others through, educating, healing, mentoring and assisting. Encouraging advancement in conscious reasoning, understanding, perception, physic and intuitive competence. Providing a discipline, structured, focused and professional spiritually oriented organization and setting, for the individual, community and nation. Operating autonomously and independently of any religious, cultural, social, monetary or political influence or allegiance worldwide, as a self-reliant, self-propelled, and influential organization.

Those that should join would be those who are seeking to know themselves, gain unique knowledge skills and abilities to heal transform and empower. The meetup will consist of events surrounding the goal of self cultivation such as meditations, exercises, lectures, discussions, retreats, and training events.

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