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welcome those who are awakening im a professional psychic and meatphysical energy worker. im creating a group to train and develop ones senses and ability to in better there lives clear misconceptions on abilitys bring out and empower one's natural potential in Jacksonville. im an awakened star seed and i am offering training and development and possibly healing and alignment work i have over 10 years experience and would love to share knowledge wisdom experience life coach directions and make friends who have intrest in the field and help show how it can improve your life and the mission we are here to fulfill on this plain. Im offering traing and practise with a wide variety of ability, humility is key for all involved im sure many will have much to share in there own ways but most of all lets have fun but be responsible and please be respectful to all those involved those who are not dont be surprised if you are not welcomed back. every one is at there own level and we will be training as a group practiseing on one another. I will be reading every one and based on there level I will help give direction and possibly home work to build your self up and if i can help you on to the next stage of your journeys.

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Metaphysical training and personal development

510 Florida Blvd

Metaphysical training and personal development

Ed Austin Regional Park


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