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Welcome to the Meetup for Spiritual Arts Institute, the premier metaphysical school for the aura, spiritual health and evolution. We offer inspiring workshops and classes, taught in-person and online, designed to build your own direct connection to the Divine and ignite your soul’s potential. We offer programs at every level of interest from free Meetup events and meditations, single workshops to steady ongoing training.

Our mission is to offer clear, practical and high quality spiritual education designed to assist the soul in its spiritual evolution.

Founded in 2005 by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Spiritual Arts Institute is 501(c) (3) tax exempt educational corporation located in Encinitas, CA. The goal of the Institute is to help people from all walks of life accelerate their spiritual understanding and development. It is our aim to help reassign metaphysics to its proper place in the study of life and human development and to inspire confidence, love, self-sufficiency, charity, kindness, creativity, and inner knowing in all aspects of life. (For more info: www.spiritualarts.org)

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THE COMPASSIONATE EARTH - By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

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In living a spiritual life, we all strive to demonstrate compassion for each other. Compassion is the ability to recognize the divine spark that dwells in yourself and in every living soul, regardless of outer appearances. It is the key to understanding that we are all equally valuable in the eyes of the divine. Demonstrating compassion is essential for a healthy civilization and a productive interaction with the earth. From the spiritual perspective, our humble planet is not a randomly created ball of rock that somehow got lucky to generate life as we know it. We must apply the same principle of compassion to see that the spark of the divine dwells in the planet itself. Earth is in essence alive, as well as teeming with life. What’s more, just as each of us is growing and evolving physically and spiritually, our planet is in a process of spiritual evolution. This is reflected in the ethereal blue aura that the Earth radiates, indicating it is part of the divine process. The same principle of compassion applies to civilization. Every living soul has a divine spark, creating a collective spiritual nature. Through this collective divine nature, we are inherently good, even when we do terrible things. Humanity as a whole is spiritually growing. This spiritual consciousness shows itself in a beautiful white aura that civilization radiates, indicating it is collectively part of the divine process. Today, there is a fear that humanity is on the verge of destroying itself and the world with our collective selfish actions. While there are grave problems to face and mistakes to remedy, looking at the big picture, the same collective spirit of good is there. There are great opportunities today, greater than ever before. As a whole, humanity is in a better place than it has ever been. It’s essential if civilization is to continue to progress that we participate in society with compassion. The divine spark of life guides humanity, regardless of how well we individually respond to the divine. We are custodians on this planet, but it is not ours. It does not belong to us. The goal is to live life from the eyes of the infinite spirit and take decisive action based on compassion, not anger, fear, resentment, hatred, or frustration. Those lower emotions are the tools of destruction. Refuse to project your own worries and concerns on civilization as a whole. Instead, hold to the highest ideal of yourself and others. Do this and your perspective on life and world affairs will greatly change for the better and you will see the world through the loving eyes of the divine.

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The Art of Self Compassion

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