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Healing Meditation Group Wendover (Thursday evenings) £12
What happens during a Healing Meditation with Metatronic Healing® ? Opening the Heart, Clearing the Mind, Nourishing Spirit, Reconnecting The sessions include an incredibly deep & profound Archangel Metatron guided healing meditation or Healing Process for “lifting the story from the body”. Louise will share this angelic approach to awakening and healing. All are very welcome. It will be a graceful, peaceful and beautiful . Come with your curiosity, what troubles you and your wish to be free of what holds you tightly. No previous experience is required. During the session you will be immersed in Metatronic Healing energies. These energies are varied and diverse and often what comes through relates to the needs of the group. Each session is unique and therefore different. Metatronic Healing®- a new approach for healing in new times ​It lifts the stories that rule us from our cellular memory so that less is in the way of our aliveness It reactivates the heart centre so that our true essence is more available to us Louise will be guided by Metatron as to what is needed and Metatron will bring energies to suit each group and each individual within the group through Louise.

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This Group is for anyone interested in Group Healing through the Archangelic energies of Metatron.

Metatronic Healing Groups and One to One sessions harness the high frequencies of Love and Divine Light to heal body and emotion, dissolving whatever stands in the way of our True nature.

"Metatron's invitation is to awaken the intelligence of the heart centre, that place of consciousness where Heaven meets those of earth and remind us of our wisdom, our power and our Love". Pippa Merivale Founder

Metatron is described as the angel of Divine Presence - peace that passes all under-standing - and the archangel who bridges Heaven and Earth. As a result of his work as a human being, he is sometimes regarded as the "older spiritual brother" who knows where we are and what we need. Metatron holds the blueprint for our spiritual journey, and reaches his hand across the veil to guide us back home to health and fullness of being.

As an Advanced Metatronic Healing Practitioner I have potent and loving frequencies at my disposal, ranging from core aspects of Metatron’s angelic energies to the vibration of crystals and precious gems like diamonds and rubies, and metals like gold and silver. An Advanced Metatronic Healer can have up to 60 different healing energies which can be used in any combination to meet a huge number of needs. Of course, all of this is over-lighted by the angelic healing of Metatron.

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