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Metaverse: a collective virtual shared space. The sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, & the internet. Where we'll tell stories and create moving experiences.


Creators! Do you work in, or are looking to enter a new medium like YouTube or Virtual Reality? Are you a filmmaker seeking a writer, actors, or crew? A Youtuber who needs a musician to collaborate with? Are you a gamer seeking advice on making Let's Plays for YouTube? A Game Developer hiring artists? Looking for a marketing strategist who can help you with SEO, cross-promotion, AdSense? Are you a beauty/fitness expert or company/brand hoping to team up with people with gear, skills and experience to produce online videos?

You've come to the right place. Metaversal is the brain child of filmmaker/YouTuber/VR dreamer Michelle "MichelleKenobi (http://www.twitter.com/michellekenobi)" Osorio. The Boston branch is the first (flagship) of this upstart national group, started out of a need for new media creatives to have a fun place to meet and find other pioneering content creators to collaborate with.

Let's leverage our talented community and come together to support each other and work on each other's videos, films, songs, games, apps and experiences.


Filmmakers: In this new age, it's not just about bringing writers, actors and filmmakers together. Online video platforms (such as YouTube) are a real, profitable and legitimate industry for content creators. As a YouTuber, virtual reality artist, AND filmmaker myself, I believe these types of creatives should work together and combine talents!

VR/AR: Virtual (or Augmented) Reality. This is an exciting new medium that needs more immersive content. Be sure to check out the Boston VR Meetup group too!

YouTubers: Collaboration is THE singular most important thing you can do to gain subscribers and give your videos exposure, so come out, meetup and play!

- Michelle Osorio, YouTuber behind Kill9TV (http://www.youtube.com/kill9tv) & Organizer
- Krystal Tucker, Co-Organizer


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May Meetup (late May)
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hey Gang. It's Michelle Osorio. I'll be back in town and would love to meet up to talk about what's been going on at the 360 video group I've been running at YouTube Space L.A. as well as the latest in Social VR and livestreaming emerging technology! I'll post more as we get closer to the date. If you've been interested in livestreaming, I went from 0 to 46K fans on a popular livestream app since Summer. I'm interested in collaborating at this event with anyone else who does mobile livestreaming. I will figure out a date that works around my May 30 talk at Boston VR.

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