Canceled Meetup

Meteor Antwerp 2nd edition: to the moon!

Location image of event venue


After a very successful first Meteor meetup, we are continuing onwards, off to the moon (and back)!

What can you expect?

• With any luck, this might be a Meteor 1.0 launch party (no promises!), it will be interesting and fun either way.

• As discussed during our last meetup, we will probably have a hands-on Meteor session, during which we will build a (simple) demonstration application. No experience is necessary, so this should be accessible for everyone.

• Apart from that, I'm hoping we can organise another round of product demo's, so if you have one to show, please let us know!

• I'm hoping to get another "in depth" presentation on an interesting aspect of working with Meteor. Perhaps something about running Meteor apps as smartphone applications, as there was a lot of interest for that last time.

• If you have any feedback about last time or you'd like to learn about something specific, please do no hesitate to contact one of the event organisers directly.

At the end of the day, it's really about what you want though, so help us make it the best meetup you can think of.

Important remark:

Since we immediately hit the maximum capacity for our venue on the first meetup, we might have to shift locations, depending on how many people register. We will organise a bigger venue if necessary, so check the location before you come over! In either case, it will be in or very close to Antwerp.