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This is a group that charters a large boat on weekend evenings during the summer and fall to cruise out into the dark skies in the middle of Long Island Sound for a 3 hour astronomy cruise. This is NOT a group intended for singles only, so anyone interested in the stars is welcome. Once you become a member, you can invite up to 6 guests when you RSVP for one of the cruises. We do this to escape the light pollution and view the splendor of a dark night sky full of stars. Most of CT and RI towns and cities are highly light polluted and the Milky Way is not visible for most. In the dark skies out in the middle of Long Island, the Milky Way and meteors are amazing! When the boat comes to a stop, the on board astronomer uses a laser on the top open deck of the boat and traces out the constellations and discusses the Milky Way, meteor showers, red giant stars, planets, black holes, nebula, double stars, star clusters and much more. This is our 4th year! This event is quite a unique experience that is amazingly beautiful and fun!

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Once in a Lifetime Observatory Trip!

Kitt Peak National Observatory

Join us on this amazing once in lifetime exploration of the dark skies in the Arizona mountains and deserts! The first night we will be on the mountain at Kitt Peak National Observatory! The second night we will be in the very darkest sky possible to watch the Milky Way rise in the east and watch the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower! In skies this dark the stars are literally countless and the Milky Way Galaxy will be like something you never imagined! This all happens during the new moon phase so we will have ideal viewing conditions for the stars! We only have 30 spaces available for this group adventure and this will be posted in 10 other meetup groups. The cost will be $275 per person and will include a complete guided tour including bus transportation, admission to observatory, dinner, telescope viewing, astronomer, and a laser guided constellation tour during the meteor shower on the second night! You will be responsible for your hotel and flight. RSVP only if you are seriously interested in attending this amazing trip. Include the number of guests if you have others you would like to bring with you. This first RSVP is only for getting a count of those seriously interested. Once we have enough people, I will then post another meetup for the actual event with all the details and you can RSVP again and payment can be made at that time to secure your space. If you have any questions, just message me on meetup or text me (860)[masked]. Thanks! ~Mark

Once in a Lifetime Observatory Trip!

Kitt Peak National Observatory


You must RSVP here again make payment for the trip and secure your reservations. Detailed Itinerary: We have a full trip now...thirty people, but we might be able to fit a few more. Some of these people are from other meetup groups. We changed the date by 1 day so we could fit all of us into the Kitt Peak Observing Program. So the trip is now May 5th to May 6th. Here is the itinerary! May 5th Arrive at Hotel any time during the day. Desert Diamond Casino and Hotel, Tucson, AZ https://www.google.com/maps/place/Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel/@[masked],[masked],10z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1shotels!3m4!1s0x86d67ba2e683e223:0x3678e1b34f95c96f!8m2!3d[masked]!4d[masked] The hotel and airline are your responsibility so make reservations as soon as you can after you make your Tour Payment. The tour payment will secure your reservations with our group and includes buses, tour host, astronomy program on the first night ( laser guided program during the meteor shower), one dinner on the second night, and the Kitt Peak 3 hour Nightly Observing Program. The cost for the tour is $275 per person. There is limited space in the Kitt Peak Nightly Observing Program and a delay in making your tour payment could result in there not being space available for you in the Kitt Peak Program. 7 pm - Bus picks us up from the hotel 8:30 pm - We arrive at Oracle State Park https://azstateparks.com/oracle/dark-skies/viewing-info Oracle State Park was designated as an International Dark Sky Park in 2014. This prestigious designation recognizes Oracle State Park as an exceptional place to view and contemplate the wonders of our night sky! From 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm we will watch the Milky Way rising in the east ( like you have never seen before). The Milky Way in this kind of dark sky is amazing and has a marbled look! I will guide you through the sky with a laser pointer and discuss the galaxy, stars and constellations. We will also be watching the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower in Progress! The sky will be alive with meteors! This will be a spectacular evening! 11:30 pm - We depart to return to hotel. May 6th Sleep in relax! Enjoy the casino or pools! Brag to people about the amazing meteor shower you witnessed the night before! We have a Facebook Page so everyone can know what is going on in case people have suggestions, want to post pictures, have questions, or want to get together to explore or have lunch, etc. I will post any information our group needs on this page. Also some people are looking for roommates, so feel free to post this information on our face book page. 4 pm - Bus picks us up at the hotel 5:30 pm - Bus arrives at Kitt Peak National Observatory! https://www.noao.edu/kpvc/Prog/nighttime.php 10:30 pm - We depart to return to hotel. Notes: Do not make reservations at Kitt Peak. I will do this for you once I see your payment come through. Please make your tour payment today or as soon as possible to secure your space. There is limited space in the Kitt Peak Nightly Observing Program and a delay in making your tour payment to secure your space(s) could result in there not being space available for you in the Kitt Peak Program. The cost is $275 per person. As soon as I receive your payment I will secure your seat(s) for the Kitt Peak Observing Program. The average temperature in early May in Tucson is about 88 degrees! There is almost a 90% chance of mostly clear skies on any given day in Tucson in early May. Payment for this tour is refundable up to February 5th, 2019 less the $50 Kitt Peak fee, which is not refundable. Make sure you say hello and follow our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ExploreTheStarsCT/ This will be our means of communication as a group. Feel free to contact me directly. You can text, call or email me. Thanks! Mark Coppinger (860)[masked] [masked]

Stargazing Boat Cruise!

12 River St

Memorial day weekend - Sunday night, come enjoy a spectacular cruise out under the stars! The boat cruises away from all the lights into the dark skies in Long island Sound. Out there in the dark skies you can see thousands of more stars and if you have never seen the Milky Way in detail, you don't want to miss this cruise! Your on board astronomer will guide you through the constellations and use a light pointer to show you giant red stars, nebula, planets and more! The soothing ocean combined with the beauty of the night sky, makes this cruise good for the soul, but also educational and fun! The cost is $60 per person, payable when boarding, cash only. This cruise is going to be with other meetup groups, so space is limited. RSVP today to secure your spaces. Thanks! ~Mark

Milky Way Cruise!

Captain John Boats

Start the season with a really awesome cruise with amazing views of the Milky Way Galaxy and many meteors! Come enjoy an ocean of stars as your on board astronomer guides you through the constellations and stars with a laser pointer on the top deck of the boat! We travel out into the middle of Cape Cod Bay where the skies are as dark as rural Vermont and the stars are amazing! You will literally see thousands of more stars than you can on land. The boat comes to a stop and we all gather on the top deck and your on board astronomer then traces out all the constellations with a laser and discusses many interested topics. Come join us for an amazing night under the stars! In May the Milky Way is rising in the east and this is toward the open Atlantic ocean, so the skies looking east are very dark and the Milky Way can be seen with some remarkable detail. Come check it out! Arrive by 8:30 pm to start boarding. The cruise leaves at 9 pm and returns at midnight. The boat has a bar and food for sale. The cost is $60 per person, payable when boarding, cash only. Thanks! ~Mark

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