Metis Data Science Open House: Meet the Instructors, Students and Alumni


Visit us at Metis ( in New York City on Tuesday, February 3 from 6:30 - 8pm and meet the instructors, students and alumni ( of our Data Science Bootcamp (

Enjoy pizza and drinks on us as Data Science instructors Irmak Sirer ( and Bo Peng walk you through a sampling of what students learn throughout their 12 weeks of project-based Data Science work.

6:30 - 7:00 Register, Mingle, Eat & Drink
7:00 - 7:30 Instructors Irmak and Bo discuss the Metis Data Science Bootcamp
7:30 - 8:00 Chat with Metis students, staff and alumni and enjoy more food & drink

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Leah Nicolai, Metis Program Manager, and Lillian Landrum, Metis Talent Placement Manager, will be available to speak with you about the Bootcamp and career support experience. Metis co-founder Jason Moss will also be on hand to take your questions.

Plan on learning about the Bootcamp curriculum and outcomes and how it culminates with the Metis Career Day when hiring partners come to Metis for student portfolio reviews.

Please RSVP on our Eventbrite listing. (

Irmak Sirer
Metis Data Science Instructor
@frrmack (

Irmak is a partner and data scientist at Datascope (, where he solves business problems with data by designing analyses and interfaces. Irmak has helped companies across industries solve problems with data, from small companies to members of the Fortune 50. He also conducted and published academic research on a wide range of topics, such as web browsing habits of people from different demographics, school choices of high schoolers, global airline networks, endangered species conservation, natural language topic models, and optimizing DNA for protein production among others. Technically, Irmak is a Material Scientist (BS and MS, Sabanci University, Turkey), Chemical and Biological Engineer (MS and PhD, Northwestern University) and an Art Historian (Minor, Sabanci University). Practically, he believes in merging knowledge from different disciplines to ask and answer the right questions. When he is not striving for this, he believes in movies, bourbon, and Elliot Smith.

Bo Peng
Metis Data Science Instructor

@bo_p (

At Datascope (, Bo creates unique, human centered solutions that allow businesses to maximize the value and application of their data. She works on all phases of data science projects, from brainstorming workshops, to designing and implementing statistical and machine learning algorithms, to dashboard development and final visualization. She has also led corporate data science literacy workshops, where she trains working professionals how to think quantitatively. Technically, she is a statistician, with an M.S. in Statistics and B.S. in Mathematics, both from The University of Chicago.

Lillian Landrum
Talent Placement Manager

Lillian is matchmaker at heart, tech recruiter by experience, and loves connecting people with game-changing opportunities. As a recruiter she has worked with companies including Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia. Lillian is passionate about building relationships and helping others achieve their goals. Her door is always open and she is committed to our student’s success.

Leah Nicolai
Program Manager

Leah is passionate about connecting to people and helping them achieve their educational goals. She graduated with a degree in Art History and Spanish and prior to joining Metis worked at an investment bank, managing all aspects of the company and its employees. She also teaches art with Free Arts NYC and at the Harlem YMCA. In her spare time, she enjoys any craft-based project and traveling.

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