Livestream: Computer Generated Tweets and Other Prose Using GPT-2

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Here we will go over how to apply GPT-2, a generative deep learning model to generate text that mimics an input of a person’s tweets. We will focus on preparing your input text so that it can be understood by the model and also how to make sure you aren’t overfitting. Then we will
look at using GPT-2 on Google Colab with GPT2-simple, which is an easy way to use the library that allows you to train, run your model and manage refined models of GPT-2.

Joshua Herman is a Python Developer at Bank of America working on software infrastructure for currency trading. He has six years of experience in software development using various languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java and Scheme. He has also worked in various fields such as Insurance, Computational Population Biology, Distributed Ledgers, CRM and web development. He got his Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2012.


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