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Join us to Chant and Align Your Heart,Mind and Body
"Sounds, as we know, are instruments for us to get to the Light, this mysterious understanding of Life, mentally infefinable, but known by the heart. .....In Chorale Singing (and Chanting) the healing influences are dynamized and increaased with new tones every time participants and listeners are moved by high ideals. To participate in a work like this is an opportunity to serve, to collaborate in the energetic subtlization of the planet through means of pure praise. Every time these chants are sung they bring about new perceptions and a new understanding; more elements are revealed. In the silence of the heart a universal language makes itself known and through the means of subtle vibrations of sound radiates itself." Jose Trigueirinho and Group Elizabeth Ebaugh and Faith Green are delighted to have you join us to explore a deeper connection to the field of awareness through chanting. Come align your heart, mind and body with these beautiful sounds and vibrations. We hope that you will join us on the second Friday of the month for this special experience. Learn and practice these dynamic and soothing chants from South America in the Irdin language. A donation of 20.00 is requested. All proceeds will go to providing more of these teachings.

The Four Cups Studio

3000 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 102 · Washington, DC

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All of us share an interest in sacred chant known as "kirtan," a devotional practice of singing, drumming, and participating in group energy for the purpose of elevating the spirit, building community, and realizing interconnectedness. The practice originated in India millennia ago, but has been popularized in the West by singers such as Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Wah!, Dave Stringer, Deva Premal, Bhagavan Das, David Newman (Durga Das), etc. This list will be a place to share information about local kirtan events and other sacred/vibrational singing, music, and/or drumming in the Metro DC area.

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