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Note that the Sierra Club Huron Valley Group (based in Ann Arbor) and which was formerly a part of MDOH now has their own Meetup page: www.meetup.com/Sierra-Club-Huron-Valley. (http://www.meetup.com/Sierra-Club-Huron-Valley)


Do you like being outdoors and active? Give us a try. We are outside four seasons of the year with lots of hiking, some canoeing, camping and x-c skiing.

This Meetup is a project of the local Sierra Club Group--Southeast Michigan Group (http://www.sierraclub.org/michigan/southeast-michigan) (SEMG), a part of the Michigan Chapter (http://www.sierraclub.org/michigan) of National Sierra Club, one of the oldest environmental activist organizations in the US. The project is designed to give metro-Detroiters outdoor experiences with the hope that they will be motivated to be more concerned about our natural environment and perhaps decide to join Sierra Club.

At each outdoor activity, participants are asked to sign a liability waiver and pay a $1 fee which helps cover the cost of the Meetup website and other SEMG Outings Committee expenses.

Important information about how MDOH operates is at the Details section, below. Please read it before participating. Also read the activity description and assess your ability/preparedness to complete the activity.

While the summary of the outing may say that "location information is not available," in reality, it is ALWAYS in the description of the outing. Simply click the "more" link at the end of the description; there is usually a link to a Google map.

Questions? Contact the leader who is listed in the activity description (Note: the leader may not be the same as the host). Don’t wait until the night or morning before as all leaders are not "connected" 24/7 (and some don't offer a public cell number).

No pets or electronic gear (please limit cell phone use to "essential").

If you ride-share, share the cost of gas and any admissions (Note: nearly all parks require a season pass or an admission fee).


Your organizers and leaders are volunteers with informal and formal training, experienced in taking people to the places we know and love the best. We each have differing interests and the outings that each of us leads reflect this. Some events are strictly hiking, some stop to smell (and ID) the roses, some look for birds, some focus on natural history. We also do some canoeing, backpacking, biking and cross-country skiing.

Personal Responsibility
Each participant needs to be responsible for his or her own safety by accurately judging whether they are fit for the activity they are interested in. Hikes generally are from 4-6 miles long, lasting from 2-3 hours, usually with a couple of rest/water/trail snack stops. Hikes with birding or botanizing generally are shorter and slower. Longer hikes, 8-10 miles are faster with fewer stops. A reasonable amount of fitness is necessary even for the slowest, shortest hikes. Three miles in the woods even at a slow speed is different - and harder - than a 2-hour walk on sidewalks/streets/bike paths. Hills, roots, rocks, mud and other natural features require a certain amount of stamina and balance. Children are welcome with a responsible adult, if they are able to behave appropriately and complete the activity.

Meeting Places and Costs
The meetup starts at a meeting place (often a shopping center) where people can leave their car if they decide to travel together to the trailhead. After the activity there often is an optional restaurant stop, which gives another opportunity to get to know your companions. If you ride with someone, you are expected to share in the cost of transportation and group admittance fees. Sierra Club also requests a $1 donation per person to help with our committee expenses. (There may be additional fees for outings longer than one day). Please note that the official start of the activity is at the trailhead and not the meeting spot – this is for liability reasons.

Basic Guidelines
(1) arrive on time for the meeting; departure follows after signup and announcements
(2) come dressed appropriately: sturdy footwear; water; snack; sunscreen/insect repellant; hat; raingear. Inappropriate clothing or gear may affect others’ enjoyment of the activity and may put you and them in danger.
(3) be aware that a 2 hour hike can take considerably longer even without unexpected delays so plan accordingly: driving time, gearing up, pit stops, hiking, pit stops, gearing down, driving home
(4) always stay behind the leader and in front of the “sweep” in voice communication range
(5) in order not to interfere with others’ enjoyment of our natural environment, electronic/communications gear should be left at home; cell phones should be silenced and their use strictly limited (emergencies, not grocery lists!)
(6) if you need a bathroom/water/snack/rest break, let the leader know so all can stop and avoid leaving you behind. Besides, there are probably others who need the break, also.
(7) if you are falling behind, call up to the person ahead to get the leader to stop/slow
(8) Follow all the usual rules listed by our public parks.

Liability Waiver
All participants must sign a comprehensive liability waiver acknowledging that they are responsible for their own well-being and absolving others of liability. This is necessary because there are inherent risks in outdoor activities in which injuries or damages can occur from:
• natural causes
• obstacles and hazards
• insect or animal bites
• toxic plants
• medical emergencies without easily obtainable medical care
• actions of other persons

We are a committee of the local Sierra Club (Southeast Michigan Group [SEMG]) and have been doing outings in metro-Detroit for many years. This meet-up is our latest – and most high-tech – means to share our program with other outdoor-lovers. Our website is http://www.sierraclub.org/michigan/southeast-michigan .

Many of us are also involved in conservation and environmental issues with the Club – it will be up to you to decide if your interests also go in that direction. If they do, we would be glad to help you get connected to the right folks.

Do you like being outdoors and active? Give us a try. We are outside four seasons of the year with lots of hiking, some canoeing, camping and x-c skiing.

Joanne7925, MDOH Organizer

Upcoming events (4)

Kensington MetroPark Walkabout Hike

Needs a location


10am in Southfield or 10:45 Nature Center Building. Let’s take a slow-to-moderate paced walk on the hilly nature trails, around ponds, meadows, and Wildwing Lake, watching for birds – Sandhill Cranes, Wild Turkeys, Great Blue Herons, and many small birds that will greet us on the trails. This will be about 5 miles, returning to the Nature Center around 1:30. Meet at 10am in the parking lot at Telegraph and Twelve mile road, (Tel-12 Mall) near the gas station, OR 10:45 at the Nature Center building in Kensington at 10:45am. Possible restaurant stop after. Leader: Cindy Gunnip,[masked]-H. Meet at 10am: Southfield, Tel-12 Mall https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=zXLhA1kA54fM.kFXLnGx7u1_M OR Meet 10:45 at: Kensington Nature Center Building: https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=zXLhA1kA54fM.kHR3COZSXlKM

Bike Ride on the W. Bloomfield Rail Trail

Needs a location


9/15 Ride the W. Bloomfield Rail Trail. Meet 10am, ready to ride by 10:15, in the Arrowhead Road parking lot (about 2 miles west of Orchard Lake Road on Pontiac Trail). We’ll ride west to Haggerty and then back east with a return to Arrowhead for a total of about 15 miles at a 10-12 mph pace. Trail is level, mostly smooth, hard crushed limestone, partly sunny and partly shaded. Hybrid or street bikes would be suitable. We may see some late summer wildflowers along the trail and may want to stop at the ponds for a few minutes to look for wading birds and admire any remaining yellow water lilies (and for a drink of water). Helmets required. Spare tire/tools advised (though leader is no mechanic!) An optional lunch stop after may be a possibility. Leader: Joanne7925,[masked]H. 10am: Map to Preserve: https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=zXLhA1kA54fM.kVZT907NDHe8 (Ignore the indicator 1 mile in for Orchard Lake Preserve.)

Stony Creek MetroPark, Inwood Trails Hike.

Needs a location


Meet 11am at the trailhead. Join us on an easy/moderate paced 4 mile hike on these trails on the north edge of Stony Creek. The Inwood Trails lead us around several ponds, prairies, hilly areas, popular with bird and nature lovers, where we should see some wildlife-! Bring binoculars (if you have them), sunscreen, lunch and a beverage, for on the trail. From M-53 (Van Dyke) go northbound, exit onto 26 Mile Road. Go west, (left), to Mound Road. Turn right, go N. up to Inwood Road (29-1/2 Mile Rd). Turn left 3/4 mile to Inwood Trail parking lot on North side. (vehicle entrance fee) Leader: Sudha,[masked]-C. Meet: 11am at: Stony Creek, Inwood Trails trailhead. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OfYqEda5A1D9oGJOShQYtk943TQ&usp=sharing

Bald Mountain-North State Rec. Area Hike (NW of Rochester)

Needs a location


We will hike about 6 miles on the trails on both sides of the roadway, at a slow to moderate pace. There are hilly areas, flat prairie areas, and creeks with bridges, many areas of thick evergreen trees, and deciduous trees to balance out nature here. Meet 10am behind the CVS store at Woodward and Square Lake road, or 10:45 at the parking lot of the park. Possible restaurant stop after, Leader: Cindy Gunnip,[masked]-H. Meet 10am at: CVS – Woodward & Square Lake Rd. Bloomfield Hills. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zXLhA1kA54fM.kUddO9p5A-0g Meet 10:45 at Bald Mountain North Trailhead, Harmon and Predmore: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z03h7yCYxLQ8.kTQmSVwiZy-w

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Harsens Island Bike Ride (near Algonac)

Needs a location


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