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What we’re about

What you will find here is a community that supports one another in their individual writing goals. We spend time before and after the workshop getting to know each other, and a fair amount of time going over each member's pieces. This isn't a timed writing session, an open mic, nor is it a rushed revolving door of hasty reviews. Instead, we hope to build a culture where members know they can come back over and over and be a part of something that supports them on their writing journey, whether it's to get published or to satisfy an artistic itch.
Bring your fiction, non-fiction, short stories, flash fiction, outlines, poetry, plays, essays, you get the point. You will find other writers from various backgrounds who will listen to your pieces and offer constructive feedback in verbal and written comments. There is never a requirement to bring anything, but if you do, please bring at least 5-6 copies for yourself and others in your group. All genres are accepted and participants are encouraged to remain open-minded. If you do bring something, please limit the amount to 3000 words or less (screenplays to 25 pages or less)
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by sending a personal message!
Scott DeVogelaere (Host)

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