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Note: This group has been moved to Boston and renamed to Boston Clean Mobile (https://www.meetup.com/Boston-Clean-Mobile/).

The group is for anyone interested in developing quality software using clean code as taught by Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin). We will draw heavily on Uncle Bob's books, videos, presentations and workshops. There will be occasional presentations, some videos and lots of code collaboration to see clean code in action and get to clean code from not-so-clean code. This is for developers and managers interested in high quality software, how to get to high quality and how to keep it that way. The events will feature some talks, some workshops/code-labs and office hours where developers will collaborate on projects, answering questions and getting a better grasp of the principles and practices of clean code. We are loosely affiliated with cleancoders.com through a Slack workspace. We are language agnostic. The sub-topics for clean coders are TDD, Functional Programming, SOLID principles, clean agile, clean architecture, short functions and good names, to name a few. Feel free to join other clean coders via this invitation. (https://join.slack.com/t/cleancodersgroup/shared_invite/enQtNzEyMjgyMDU3MDYwLTZkMjViNWVkZTJlNTI4NjZmZGIzNGY5NDA2NThhMGJiOWNmMTRkYmI4ZTUzYzI0YzJmYTZhNDMwM2UzY2I3MjU)

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Clean Code: Reboot with Names+

Framingham Public Library

Clean Code: What is it?

Southborough Library

Clean Code: TDD - Part 1

Framingham Public Library

Clean Code: Form (part 2)

Framingham Public Library

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