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Have you had your life turned upside down by a Narcissist? Do you find that people in your life just don't understand your experience? Have you felt really isolated and alone because of the abuse?

We are a community of people who get what you've been through, because we have lived it too. We are working on understanding and healing from our relationships with Narcissists, be it with a family member, romantic partner, friend, coworker or boss.

We believe that an important part of healing is recognizing how we became part of these relationships, so that we can know how to protect ourselves from future abuse.

This is an empowering space where you can vent and get validation. You can choose to share your story, and ask for advice, or just support. Our focus is on getting stronger by learning how to create healthy boundaries, and by encouraging and inspiring each other.

We have monthly community Meetups to share our stories, provide support and connection, and to talk about helpful books, websites and other resources that aid in the healing process.

We welcome new members year round. This a peer-to-peer support group, which means that there is not a teacher-student approach, and you are not here to be educated by instructors. We are a community of equals, who support and empower each other.

This Meetup community is organized by Ellen and Kit.

We hope to see you at a Meetup soon!

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