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What we’re about

You don't have to join an expensive tennis club to meet new tennis friends. The Metro Van Tennis Meetup Group is a place for tennis players to meet, organize games, promote the sport of tennis.

We are a free to join and a member based community that encourages people to come together to enjoy tennis. We are the biggest Tennis Meetup in Canada and 5th largest in the world! We aim to be the most inclusive group available that welcomes everyone of all levels. Unlike other Meetup Groups, we don't ask for donations nor ask members to pay any fees to join. Our friendly and welcoming moderator team also show up on courts to be there and run their meetups unlike others who expect to run their events on their own.

Think of it as a public tennis club, we make it easy for you to meet new players and improve your tennis game in a safe environment in group settings:
Use our boards to:
- Find others to rally/play matches with
- Organized Group Play to your specific level
We also offer
- Social events!
- Private coaching with certified Tennis BC coaches
- Lesson discounts
- Beginner and low Intermediate group tennis lesson
- Discount pricing on gear

We have active local organizers in Vancouver Westside, Vancouver Eastside, Vancouver Downtown, South Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, New Westminster, Port Moody and Coquitlam who check in weekly to organize events for you. \

We have over 1000 active members during the peak season participating in real games, rallies, ladders/flex-league, tournaments, drills, lessons and socials in every area of Metro Vancouver.


Whether you're a new tennis player or just rusty, do join us! We are here to help you find your game, meet new friends with socials and drills. In addition, our sponsors will help get you properly equipped with our exclusive discounts.

We play and organize a variety of tennis events all year round. We are the only tennis meetup in the Vancouver area to organize indoor tennis. We do not close down the season or play badminton in the winter.

We also have prizes for our ladders and random year end draws for tennis gear at our BBQ just for being a member.

We strive to create a safe and comfortable social network environment for our members, therefore no soliciting or harassment allowed or tolerated here. As a member, if you've been approached by other members and feel uncomfortable, please let the Organizers know and we'll deal with the situation quickly. Please note that this is also NOT a place for one night stands or stalking other members. This group is strictly committed to tennis and socializing. Any suspicious activity or complaints will result in an immediate ban. We want to provide a safe environment for all our foreign students, travelling folks, and as well as our locals. IF ANYONE MAKES YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE PLEASE REPORT IT RIGHT AWAY. All reports are 100% confidential and will remain anonymous.


Our Organizers volunteer their time, effort and resources to host events for you. We want you all to enjoy our group. If there's something you'd like to do, just let us know. The success of the group depends on each and everyone here.

We grow stronger as a tennis network when there are caring members and helpful volunteers who help us organize. If you have suggestions for tournaments and/or fundraising events, please confer with the Organization Team.

If you join hoping to show off your skills to find girls to flirt with you will be banned.