What we're about

This an empowering Mastermind Meet Up for growth-minded people!

This is for anyone looking to pursue their vision and endeavors, and learn about the inner work to create transformation. At the same time, gain more inner peace and lower stress. Maybe you are looking to create a lifestyle change and follow your passion.

Perhaps you want to transition into a brand new field, but don’t know how. You might feel you’re not “where you should be in life.” Maybe you enjoy your job, but would just like to have more inner peace while working.

This is not for people with a "fixed" mindset, who are not willing to learn and grow. This event will be a lot of fun, but there will be a focus and commitment required.

This is also about making real connections with people, as we connect on deeper level.

Things we will cover:
-Dealing with fear, e.g. leaving a job and changing careers (I’ve done it twice).

-Accountability and creating a plan to pursue and fulfill your vision/How to start pursuing a career you love

-Mindfulness techniques to help in letting go of past, and not being so attached to future.

-Different meditation practices and techniques

-Strategies to lower stress and ways to develop empowering habits for health, mindset, inner calm and self-care

-Journaling exercises to develop clarity in everyday life/Visualization exercises

-How to build relationships with quality people and influencers

-Affirmation exercises, including money mindset affirmations I started six years ago when I was $40,000 in credit card debt, and continue to do today which helped me gain the finances to travel the world.

-Creativity and idea exercises/Some fun, get out of your comfort zone activities

-"Energy management" - ways to optimize energy levels (not including the coffee) ;)

-Also, selective readings that have changed my life, including my personal notes from a 5-Day retreat with Eckhart Tolle, author of “The Power of Now,” in Costa Rica.


Bring a notebook/journal. You'll want to take notes.

Attire - Casual is good. So is professional if you are coming from work.

Thanks, and excited to share this life-changing experience with you!!

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