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The Miami-Dade Real estate Investors Association (http://miamidadereia.org/) is a real estate networking event for homeowners, investors, and real estate professionals. Entrance is free for a limited time!

This will be an exciting networking & educational event showcasing some of Miami’s finest real estate professionals! MD-REIA is also a sister company with the Broward Real Estate Investors Association (http://breia.com/)which is already the largest investors club in South Florida! We meet every first Thursday of each month. We are open to all real estate professionals, investors or anyone that wants to get involved with real estate. Bring plenty of business cards!! Networking, networking, and even more networking!

There will be a cash bar and and we will provide finger food to snack on during the networking portion of the event. There will be lots of excitement from our sponsors, and great educational opportunities available.

We are the only nationally accredited chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association in Miami-Dade. Why not go to the meetings approved by the national association? Are the meetings you are going to accredited by the National REIA? Don't be fooled by other REIA's that are not approved by the National REIA!

Find an accredited meeting by going to www.nationalreia.com.

Attendance is FREE for a limited time!

From very experienced house flippers and wholesalers to the newbie investor just beginning their career in real estate investing, we all come together every first Thursday of every month to discuss new trends, marketing, techniques, and get educated from local and national professionals on how to expand and increase your business!

Parking is $5.00 with Validation. Cash Only!

We look forward to seeing you with premier real estate organization in Miami Dade REIA!

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How to Use Real Estate Debt to Get Richer During Inflation

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... Using Only Skills, Without Spending Your Own Money or Using Your Own Credit.
Want to know how to find 30% discounts (or more) on U.S properties, using NONE of your own money or credit?
Do you want to buy real estate without ever leaving your home (and while creating a win-win for the seller)?
Marco Kozlowski has a unique and fantastic explanation of how you can build wealth through the inflation we’re seeing now.

In this Webinar, Marco is going to show you:

  • How to exclusively use other people's money to buy as many multi-units as you want, regardless of credit.
  • Case studies on how this was done (he has hundreds of video testimonials of successful students, and new deals every week)...
  • How to get heavy discounts on multis, starting today...
  • How to pull thousands out at closing on your 1st deal...
  • How to guarantee your results (as long as you follow a step by step process…)
  • How you can do ALL of it part time... never leaving your house... on your laptop (yes, including closing)
  • Ask as many questions as you like so you can start immediately!

Marco is a real estate investor with over 20 years of experience and has led real estate investment trainings all over the world — from Australia to Singapore to North America and Europe.

Join us on the upcoming LIVE online meeting and discover how you can help people in tough situations and generate monthly recurring cashflow as a result. Your mic and camera can be ON for this interactive presentation!

Save your seat, and we'll see you there!

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Securities Considerations in Real Estate Investments and Why You Should Care

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This Webinar will focus on various securities regulation issues (as determined by the 1933 Securities Act and the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934) that affect most, if not all, real investment deals, and what you need to know to avoid ending up in a lawsuit.

You will learn about:

  • The most commonly used private exemption relied upon by companies to avoid having to register securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), known as Regulation D;
  • How the Jobs Act completely changed the face of investing as we know it;
  • Important key points of "what not to do" to minimize the risk of violating SEC rules and regulations, and;
  • The consequences your business might face if you don't comply.

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