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Looking to network with your peers in the real estate business on a monthly basis? Come join us in this casual environment to share a deal or a news related item. All levels of real estate investors are welcome from beginners to experts are welcome in Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Group. Come join us at our next meetup! This casual environment lets you share a deal or a news related item. Bring items in writing with several copies to pass around. If you have a good real estate deal or service to present, please make it factual and concise.
This monthly meetup luncheon provides opportunities for real estate entrepreneurs to take your real estate business to the next level by getting your questions answered on subjects such as:

*How to Wholesale Houses

*Short Sales

*How to get a free house
* Assignment of Contracts & Contingencies
* Rehabbing
* Marketing Techniques
* Hard Money Acquisition
*Commercial Property & Multi-Family

* Property Management & More

Please invite a friend to join us.
We look forward to meeting everyone, See you there!!!

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Uncovering the Secrets of Profiting from Airbnb

Online event

(Even in a Recession... Even during COVID!)
Many Airbnb hosts are facing strict city ordinances and licensing requirements that severely limit their ability to make extra income. You may be one of them.
But there’s still hope. At our meeting you will discover how you may be able to generate the same above-market income by providing Airbnb as extended stay rentals.
Many people are even able to boost their cash flow enough to replace their W-2 jobs using the information Al will be sharing!

Join us to learn:

• How to set up Extended Stay Rentals that create 3x profits in "Non-Touristy" areas.
• A secret way of running an Airbnb without breaking any laws.
• How to compete against local extended stay hotels so you can reach your financial goals.
• A "twist on AirBnB" that helps you earn twice as much as what 90% of other investors are doing!
• A simple 6-step process for making a boatload of cash off rentals whether you own them or not.

Al Williamson is a professional engineer, full-time real estate investor and the author of several real estate books. He began investing in 1996.
He is best known for publicly documenting his quest to create enough secondary income streams to cover the 1st mortgage of his eight-unit apartment building (which he accomplished in September 2015).
Al is a proud family man who now spends his days managing his corporate housing company and helping others reach their financial goals using extended stay rentals.

✹ GIVEAWAY: Get access to Al Williamson’s 10-part audio series: Top 10 Expense Reductions – FOR ALL ATTENDEES! ✹

Must register in Zoom. Use link below ↴↴

Real Estate Riches for Regular People

Online event

Real Estate in this country can be purchased for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR for investors who know how to find them, how to fund the purchases, and how to sell or lease the properties when purchased. Learn how to be one of those investors TODAY.

Andy Heller has helped countless people in their efforts to realize their dreams, and he is ready to share his knowledge to put you simply and easily on the road to financial freedom with his program “Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High”.

In this webinar you will learn,

Discover the absolute easiest way to find foreclosures in YOUR area
Don’t beat the streets. Learn how to visit only 2 or 3 properties for every one you purchase
Learn how to be a landlord…without typical landlord headaches
Why a MOTIVATED tenant is the key to landlording fortunes
Wholesalers, find out how to buy properties directly from banks before they hit MLS
How to sell for top dollar WITHOUT paying real estate commissions
Why today’s market is a RED-HOT opportunity for investors
Achieve your REGULAR RICHES: Real estate fortunes for regular people…without the hassles

THIS IS 1 of 2 online events with Andy Heller! Be sure to register for the half-day seminar on Saturday, November 13th where Andy will go into even more depth into his strategies! This is an opportunity that you that won’t want to miss as the information given could change your life!

Andy will be discussing exactly what is happening in today’s real estate market, and the opportunity of a lifetime this will lead to for those investors ready to take advantage as the market shifts.

Many experts are predicting the real estate opportunity of a lifetime. Come learn from the nation’s leading expert in REOs and Lease Options.

✹GIVEAWAY: All attendees will get access to Andy Heller’s e-book “10 Ways to Buy Low”!✹

Must register in Zoom. Use link below ↴↴

“Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High” - Wealth Building Seminar

The “Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High” investment strategy was featured by Fortune Magazine. Come and learn why at a wealth building seminar.

Andy Heller is back in this special half-day seminar to dive into the strategies of his program, “Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High.”

If you’re ready to learn, Andy is ready to teach and share his secrets in this seminar! So why should you join us?

We will learn how to buy properties for pennies on the dollar, and marketing strategies for wholesaling, flipping, and holding the properties once purchased.

In this seminar, you will learn:

- What type of properties to buy: residential and commercial
- How to find the foreclosures BEFORE they are listed by real estate agents (on MLS)
- Marketing your properties to flip and create instant cash
- Marketing your properties to hold and create a nest egg for your future
- Selling your properties without discounting or using a real estate agent

• Donald Kung made $15,000 on his first REO, wholesaling it without using any of his own money
• John and Michelle Authement purchased their first bank-owned foreclosure, and had it lease/purchased 2 HOURS AFTER closing!
• Hans van der Kolk made $168,000 in just 4 months buying REOs, flipping two properties and lease optioning a 3rd.
• Jim Kincer is making $500/month on his first lease/purchase
• Sophie Ravenel purchased her first foreclosure worth $118,000 for just $55,000, 50 cents on the dollar

The only action item you need to take now is register and attend. Register today!

✹ BONUS! You will be sent a physical copy of Andy Heller’s book “Buy Even Lower” ($19-Value) for registering and attending this event!✹

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