What we're about

We want to bring together start-ups and small business owners so we can learn from each other .

Miami has a great many things to recommend itself, but one thing that it lacks is a working group of start-ups and small businesses that can come together as an ecosystem that will encourage each other to grow and thrive.

Small Businesses are good at building a solid foundation, Start-ups are good at Acceleration. For a successful business you need both.


We want to build an ecosystem that will allow business owners to learn from each other and exchange ideas so all members can build successful businesses here in Miami. To build a business ecosystem in Miami, we need to learn about our resources and develop a dynamic network. We will host a panel once a month that will feature successful Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, and we will discuss stories, share our resources, and brainstorm items that will help improve in our community.

We are addressing energetic small business owners and start-up founders who want to learn from each other and start growing faster than ever.

Our events will focus on the following:

•Panel discussions of thought leaders in Start-up and Small Business

• Workshops

• Networking

• Success and Failure stories


Who is best suited for this new ecosystem? The perfect members will be the business movers who are a founder, investor, small business owner or entrepreneur that wants to have a successful business, build their network, and would like to make a difference in Miami.

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