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Full Moon Ceremony on October 24

Hi beloved ones...

I will be offering a Full Moon Ceremony on Wednesday October 24. This coming full moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is associated with love, beauty, pleasure, relationships, money, abundance and prosperity. The planet Venus is in retrograde until November 16, offering us an auspicious time to go inward and do the inner work related to hese themes.

On this Full Moon Ceremony you will be able to:

- Name and identity the negative beliefs and negative patterns associated with these themes.
- Release them into the sacred fire of transmutation.
- Use your own body as a powerful prayer to support your transmutation through breath-work and sacred dancing.
- Create new ways of being and acting that will serve you for your highest good.
- Embody and embrace them inside your body, conscious, and subconscious mind so that they remain with you.
- Receive a message from the Divine Intelligence.
- Commit to an action that will support you to manifest them into your reality and your daily life.

What you need to bring:

- A blank sheet of paper and a pen.
- One or two bottles of water for yourself to drink, or your favorite tea or beverage, it’s very important you stay hydrated throughout the process.
- Confortable clothes that allow your body to move with freedom.
- Your favorite crystal if you have one.

What you are recommended to do from now until the day of the ceremony:

- This is optional, but it will give you a great sense of clarity and will add power to your intentions.
- Start paying attention to the negatives beliefs and negative patterns that are surfacing into your life now for you to heal and transform them.
- Start noticing where are you giving your power away in terms of relationships or money.
- See if you will gracefully like to invite more pleasure into your life or if you are overindulging in them in forms of addiction or overspending.
- What are your beliefs regarding your own self worth, self value or self love?
- Are you choosing to define your beauty or are you allowing other people’s opinions to do so?
- What is your relationship with money, prosperity and abundance?
- After you have gain some clarity, choose the 3 most important things that you will like to offer to the sacred fire of transmutation on the Ceremony day.

Price for the Ceremony: $11.00 Eleven dollars in the form of cash that will be offered at the entrance of the temple to the Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of Wisdom and learning, to honor her and to offer our love and gratitude for her blessings and energy exchange.

The Ceremony will begin at 8:30 PM. Please confirm your assistance as soon as possible as only the first 20 people will have the opportunity to attend.

Feel free to call me or text me if you have any questions.

Sending you love, light and blessings...!!!


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