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This is a group for anyone interested in learning more about the power of Hypnosis using Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and participating in group regressions.

Dolores Cannon's (http://www.qhhtofficial.com/) career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression spanned almost 50 years. She created her own publishing company and published 18 books about her clients' sessions.

QHHT is a technique which uses simple visualization to take you on a journey through time and space to find answers to your questions.

Past Life Regression is the first component of Dolores' QHHT technique and involves the individual being regressed and guided through an appropriate past life from the first scene they first view, throughout the various periods of the life and eventually through to the death scene.

The client's Higher self will select what past life to show the individual and they will be guided through it by the QHHT practitioner conducting the session. The past life the Subconscious chooses to show an individual is always relevant to the current life the individual is living now and it is not uncommon for multiple Past Lives to be shown during a single session.

If you are interested in this amazing technique and would like to participate in group regressions join this group! We'll have lots of fun traveling through time and space together.

For more information, you can visit my website (http://albaweinman.com).

Alba Weinman, QHHT practitioner

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