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MIP is an educational institution totally devoted to the field of photography; with an assembly of exceptionally talented and accomplished instructors—artists who believe in the magic of image-making as a hands-on experience.

Is a gathering spot for image-centric souls that includes a permanent gallery area for photography exhibits & lectures, top notch facilities for students to learn as they work with state-of-the-art equipment, a darkroom for processing and printing B&W film, a fully equipped professional studio, comfortable classrooms and break-time areas.

MIP is the best of both worlds—well-grounded in the film/analog tradition, but definitely at the forefront of the digital era’s technology and processes. It is space and possibilities for anyone who wants to build a solid theoretical and technical knowledge of photography. Our courses and workshops are open to anything you want to learn in this field. Whether amateur or professional, we have a program for you.
Everyone passionate about Photography is welcome to this Meetup, we will promote and invite members to workshops, talks, master classes, photo walks and exhibitions.
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Miami Institute of Photography

Portrait is one of most common forms of photography. It is meant to give emphasis on the face and expressions of the person. Learn how to combine the use light and composition to obtain the best possible portraits and build an interesting portfolio in the process. We encourage participants to bring a friend or family member to pose as models for this workshop, this way they will keep great studio portraits for their portfolio. One 4 hours session. Instructor: Jorge Parra Requirements: Digital Photography I, Basic Lightning or portfolio review. Cost: $120 p/p REGISTRATIONS: https://workshops.miamiinstituteofphotography.com/collections/photography-art-video-amp-history/products/principles-of-photographic-composition-2-2-2


Miami Institute of Photography

Introduction to Food Photography workshop Intensive 2 day program The popularity of social media and blogs regarding the culture of food offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge about food photography as an area of specialization. This two day workshop includes a presentation of historical and contemporary food photography to discuss styles and photographic approaches, and studio practices to learn how to photograph ingredients, a beverage and a prepared meal. We will consider lighting, appetizing aesthetics and composition values. For the second class students will practice portraiture with food, applying an editorial style. Requirements: Digital photography and lighting basics, knowledge of Mac or PC systems. Instructor: Carolina Muñoz Dates: Sept. 26th & 27th / Saturday & Sunday / 9:30 am - 1:30 pm Cost: $280 p/p Additional 10% Off when using the code MEETUPMIP at checkout! SAVE YOUR SPOT BY SIGNING IN AT: https://workshops.miamiinstituteofphotography.com/collections/digital-photography/products/introduction-to-food-photography


Miami Institute of Photography

Hone your photography skills with this mid-level workshop that is preparatory to advanced practice. It's more demanding assignments will reinforce your knowledge, strengthen your confidence, and make you grow as an amateur photographer. Shooting techniques are taught in detail, including full Manual Mode, composition. Participants will use basic to intermediate workflows for image sorting and editing; refine image adjustment skills; and improve printing ability. The emphasis is on the historic context of photography and the development of a personal vision. You will be introduced to photography genres such as documentary, portraiture, landscape, editorial and fine art. 8 sessions September 28th until October 22nd Mon & Thu 9:30 am to 12:30 pm $540 p/p Instructor: Jorge Andres Castillo Requirements: Digital Photography I or equivalent, portfolio review. Bring your DSLR or Rangefinder camera & computer (notebook). MORE INFO & REGISTRATIONS: https://workshops.miamiinstituteofphotography.com/collections/digital-photography/products/digital-basics-ii


Miami Institute of Photography

This In Person course will give you a better understanding of your camera and of the skills required to create successful images. In a supportive environment, and through personalized demonstrations, critique and fun assignments, you will explore the foundations of digital photography using digital cameras and basic image editing software. With a focus on the tools, methods and ideas associated with the craft of photography, you will become familiar with concepts such as exposure, focal length, types of lenses, formats, and digital processing. Your will finish this workshop with a working knowledge of your camera and basic portfolio. Instructor: Jorge A Castillo Duration: 8 sessions of 3 hrs ea. Mondays and Thursdays Sept. 28th until Oct. 22nd 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm Requirements: Beginners, bring your digital camera with manual controls. Cost: $540 p/p REGISTRATIONS: https://workshops.miamiinstituteofphotography.com/collections/digital-photography/products/digital-basics-i 10% Discount by using the code MEETUPMIP at checkout

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Miami Institute of Photography

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