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What we’re about

Hello all,
My name is Hal Martin, the “organizer” of Miami Meditation. What I have coming up is way bigger than my “little” self could possibly handle by myself.

The “form” of meditation that is me in this now moment is the “process” of self inquiry. The “simple” process for knowing who you are. I found it through the teachings of ramana maharshi, who left his body in 1950, and was drawn to his ashram in India 26 years ago. My wife Marcia and I have continued going back every year since.

There is a growing “lineage” of teachers that are sharing their own “form” of self inquiry. Some that “resonate” in me, some that do not. My intention is to share with you those that do. Not that I feel the “others” are wrong or bad. It’s just that I want to share with you what I am passionate about.

With that said, here is a brief overview of what I would like to propose to you as a possible outline of Miami Meditation:

1. We are an open and diverse group of “meditators”, both in members and presenters.
2. Our calendar will offer a wide range of “options” to choose from, allowing the group to find what works for them.
3. This calendar, like life, will be constantly changing.

With the recent event of 'change' that is happening on our planet, we are having to reevaluate what we offer and obviously how we offer it. I am currently 'sitting' with this change, feeling that there will soon be a eventual settling down and we can recreate our 'new normal'. I may be wrong (it may not be soon)...we'll see.

Meanwhile, there are many meditation offerings now available online. Swami Jyotirmayananda is offering lectures on vedanta and meditation on their website Our sponsor Unity on the Bay has the Om Hour every Wednesday night, And of course our favorite, The Science and NonDuality Conference website is offering many talks that may be of interest to you at

I look forward to meeting you in the upcoming meetings and can only hope that our offerings can be of service to you in finding your Self through some form of inner experience.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti