What we're about

We are passionate about language learning, and we love to share that passion with you, to help you stay motivated and progress toward your goals.

It is for this reason that we started our Language Lovers membership program, specifically aimed at providing you with the support you need to thrive in your language learning journey.



Especially designed to complement & support your language learning

• Small intimate community Conversation practice

• Online social events

• Motivation & support

• Guidance from language communication experts

Are you having a hard time becoming confident in a new language?

Do you feel like you've been learning a language forever and still can't have a simple conversation?

Are you looking for like-minded people to practice and connect with? If so, this program is for you!

Here's What's included in the Language Lovers Membership...

• At least 2 Zoom events per month (members-only)

- Monthly happy hour

- Conversation practice

- Language activity: games, movies, book, etc

• WhatsApp private group

- Moderator-led

- Weekly inspiration and motivation

- Support from language experts and fellow learners

• Language study tools

• Café Culture swag

...and more!

We encourage you to check out the Testimonials (https://www.cafeculturelanguages.com/about/) on our web site and/or email us with any questions: cafe.culture.languages@gmail.com

We look forward to helping you grow your language skills & have fun in the process!

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Café Culture: Language Lovers Membership 🥂

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Café Culture: Language Lovers Membership 🥂

Online event

Café Culture: Language Lovers Membership 🥂

Online event

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