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Meet other furries in the Miami Area!

This group is a place where friendly people can share and discuss their interests, plan gatherings and generally be themselves. Some of our common interests are anthropomorphic animals, cartoons, fursuiters, furry artists and artwork, furry convention-goers, and furry role-play, etc.

This group is specifically for meeting local furs, making new friends, and centralizing the Miami furry population. We have discussion boards where you can chat about what is going on, post suggestions and ideas for meetups, and let others know where gatherings are happening.

Want to get a group together watch a movie, spend a day at the beach or throw a party at your place? Post a meetup suggestion here! This is your place to discuss ideas for meetups and other locally oriented topics.

Whether you're an enthusiast, a fursuiter, creative. con-goer, gamer, or just geeky, feel free to join us! If you do want to join, just click on the 'Join Us' button below.

Also: Join us on the MiamiFurs telegram group!

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