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Skipping Club is BACK for Summer 2014!! Our old Meetup group got deleted but we hope you all find us again! Michelle Joni's Skipping Club is a fitness party in motion that brings back the joy of skipping. The Skipping Club Summer 2014 season is May 29 - Aug 7, a full summer of themed skipping adventures. Right now, it's training season at Little Skips in Bushwick, where you can skip and learn all about it April 10, 17, 24, and 26 at 2PM. For New Yorkers in the know, Skipping Club is a great source of fitness, a dose of joy in our week, a visceral way to get outside our comfort zones, an excuse to dress up, and a way to journey back to our youth. It's also a unique way to see the city and a faaaaaahbulous social outing. Every Thursday at 2 - and select happy hours, nights and weekends, Skipping Club skips a one-mile route, with intervals, exploring a new neighborhood around the city. From the Upper West Side and Central Park to Williamsburg, dive into a new theme - sartorially and spiritually. Enjoy curated music, improv-style games, meditations, urban adventures and a delicious hand-picked food and drink spot. Come skip, rediscover your playful innocence, paint the streets with joy, emit waves of positivity into the universe, and find your rhythm! I invite you to step into my imagination... and yours.

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