The UX Effect: Evolving the Auto & Mobility Voice Dialog


Our 5th meeting of the Michigan Automotive & Mobility UX group Is going to be held on Wednesday, May 29th from 6 - 8:30PM (EST) at the Michigan Beer Company (also known as DUEL) in Novi, Michigan.

The evening discussions will focus on The UX Effect: Evolving the Auto & Mobility Voice Dialog. Speakers and panelists talk about product innovation and voice user interfaces. This month the dinner theme is BBQ and your first beverage is "complimentary"

Confirmed Speakers:
• Timo Korpela & "V" Leskinen, Senior Leadership at siili-auto
• Shadi Mere the CEO of Bedestrian
• Tito Melega from GTB (go team blue), former Chief Creative Officer at Ford
* Brian Rider, VP Innovation & Strategy at Clinc
Note: The Hands-on Workshop which follows will be about "The Design of a Voice Assistant"

Note: Please thank our Michigan Automotive & Mobility UX Sponsors (siili auto)