Microservices Meetup - Craft Edition - May 2018

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We'll host a special Craft Conf edition of the Microservices Meetup at TransferWise Budapest.

This time the language will be English. The two speakers will be Martin Schimak and Gergely Nagy.

Martin Schimak: Policies, sagas and processes. Long live the violet sticky!

Alberto Brandolini invented Event Storming - a colorful tool to discover and explore domain models. While many people out there use the orange (event) and blue (command) stickies, fewer have a good understanding of the violet ones: policies quite typically listen to domain events and trigger further commands. This kind of logic glues together different aggregates, services or contexts, crossing consistency and model boundaries. In this talk I want to show how interrelated policies allow us to design „long-running (micro)services“. Such services deliver valuable results for their clients by implementing long-running (business) processes. I will illustrate how the resulting APIs of "long-running services" help to protect context boundaries. From an architectural point of view I will explain and leverage the idea of CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and discuss how the necessity to implement "process managers" nicely fits into this pattern.

Gergely Nagy: A pragmatic look at authentication in microservices

Securing services is both important and hard, especially with microservices because of their distributed nature. Fortunately there are a number of standards and tools we can use, but they come with tradeoffs so there is no single best solution.

In this talk we'll look at what authentication and authorization is in general, and then go more and more into specifics while explaining some tradeoffs and decisions along the way. We'll touch topics like RBAC vs ABAC, OAuth, JWT tokens, API gateways, auth providers, data models, etc -- and then I'll describe a possible architecture with all of the above.